Stream: Brian Culbertson f. Avant, "Skies Wide Open" MP3

R&B and the number 12 have a deep history. At the top, R. Kelly's benchmark album 12 Play has it's place in the annals (ayo!), somewhere around there is The-Dream's tribute to the R., and then Brian Culbertson. Yeah, Brian Culbertson, the jazz piano man with 12 albums to his name put together a musical gathering of respected figures of love songs featuring Avant, Faith Evans and Brian McKnight. With his new album XII out tomorrow, the magical number has a little more significance than Kells' digits:

“I was just noticing that there are a lot of ‘12s’ in my life.” “I was born on January 12, I’ve been living in Los Angeles for 12 years now and have been married to my beautiful wife Michelle for 12 years. There are 12 notes on the piano… and it was at the age of 12 that I knew I was going to be a professional musician.”

Tracklist for XII:

1. Feelin’ It (f. Chuck Brown)
2. Another Love (f. Kenny Lattimore)
3. It’s Time
4. Out on the Floor (f. Brian McKnight)
5. Waiting for You
6. Stay Wit It
7. Skies Wide Open (f. Avant)
8. "Forever"
9. "Don’t U Know Me By Now" (f. Faith Evans)
10. "That’s Life" (f. Earl Klugh)
11. I Wanna Love You (f. Ray Parker Jr.)
12. I Don’t Know

You can get a free download by playing a game to find as many "12"'s on Brian Culberson's site here.

Brian Culbertson f. Avant, "Skies Wide Open"

Stream: Brian Culbertson f. Avant, "Skies Wide Open" MP3