Fat Joe, “I’m Gone” MP3 (Prod. by DJ Premier)


MAKE IT RAIN THREE MILLION ITUNES SONGS MAN. Just wanted to throw that out there. That is something that Fat Joe says on this song, which, for some, may come off as a return to his DITC days, before he briefly became New York’s Last Rap Hope For Radio Salvation. Whatever it’s being billed as though, this is not the best work of either from these dudes. What it is is two veterans on autopilot making what they know people want to hear from them. It is pretty entertaining to hear Joe ride out a fairly sunny Premier beat by shitting on the entire music industry though.

Download: Fat Joe, “I’m Gone” MP3 (Prod. by DJ Premier) (via Nah Right)

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  1. crack says:

    come on joey crack…..this is lame as hell…….no wonder why fifty murdered you

  2. killah says:

    @crack do you know what an album outro is fuckin faggot? why don’t you listen to the actual songs and stop dickriding skinny cent. or buy that nigga groceries he looks like a CRACKhead hahaha.

  3. KidMr says:

    Really feeling it. That’s the music I miss. Well, mainly beats like DJ Premier and somebody actually saying something interesting over them. It’s a good look, tho.

  4. Nick says:

    You can call it autopilot if you want, but that’s been pretty much Joey’s whole career since Jealous Ones Envy. He’s on some consistency and longevity shit, which you gotta respect.

    In terms of Premier’s contribution, I think it’s a welcome departure from what he’s been doing lately. It’s stripped down, a little more winter ’96, like he took an unused beat from his Illmatic days and threw some Terror Squad strings on top for Joe. If this is the style he’s bringing to his tracks on Good Ass Job I’ll be satisfied.

    “Primo on the beat/ yeah I know it sounds different/ but his man’s just passed/ man his soul’s just risen.”