Fiddle Tim = Frances Bean Cobain's Artist Alter Ego

Goat Shit (I Don’t Owe You Shit).

Rock royalty Frances Bean Cobain is showing her first-ever art exhibit in Los Angeles right now, at punk rock gallery La Luz de Jesus, the lowbrow mainstay created by art collector Billy Shire. The show is a collection of drawings entitled “Scumfuck,” named after a tattoo on GG Allin’s forearm, and as for the work, let’s just say her art has not escaped the dark side of her genetic predisposition. Amid a series of grisly, brooding scrawls, the 17-year-old’s main work is a portrait of Allin, his violent misanthrope depicted in haunted eyes. According to the artist’s statement, the piece is “the only among the dozen drawings included in this exhibition to reference fame of any kind. The fact that the this subject sought fame at any cost juxtaposes the chosen anonymity of the artist.” Who knows what it’s like to be Frances Bean, but if her most revealing quote from a recent Interview magazine piece is any indication—”I thought every piece was funny, but I’m delighted to discover that it was only funny to me”—she does not lead an uncomplicated life.

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