Video: Young L, “Drop Top Swag”

Young L is wearing a pink dolphin chain. This beat sounds like the future of everything. Lil B is awesome in his own way, but it’s probably worth paying some attention to this dude as well, right? If, a couple years ago, you had told us that the guys from The Pack would be responsible for some of the weirdest and most fun rap music around, we probably would have been like, Oh yeah totally. In fact, we’re pretty sure that was a conversation we actually had. Point is—even knowing those kids would do some cool shit later on, nothing could have prepared us for how far out there they actually went.

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  1. dave says:

    This is fucking terrible. The song is like the video. A simple shot with some strange jewelry. It probably sounds tight in the club, but its only saving grace outside is the boo chain. Have you guys heard of this random link from 2dopeboys:

    It took me 5 seconds to find something better.

  2. Ramon says:

    ^^^^ “It probably sounds tight in the club…….” I mean, that’s actually a pretty good recommendation!

  3. Usher says:

    I really like usher’s releases n I think lil freak is an excellent record from him. I like it more than his horrible track OMG. pity lil freak did not hit #1 cuz it’s such a good single!