Dam-Funk f. MC Eiht, "Hood Pass Intact" MP3

Photo by John Francis Peters

If you have never seen Dam-Funk live then you should check yo'self. Otherwise we're pretty certain that this song sums it up in a great way—BUMPIN! He usually only does the vocals live since the EP version of this is just an instrumental, so this actually sums up the in-the-flesh Dam-Funk experience. Everything about him screams west coast from his fresh pressed pants to his hair fresh and flowing. With MC Eiht jumpin' on the track in true Cali rap form this song could only get better. Not that we needed it to—we've blown about a million speakers in the suite blasting this song. You should get into your car and ride down the streets on 3 wheels off them hydraulics. You should also find out where this dude is playing next and make yourself present. If you need more convincing, there's keytar involved. GOT EM!

Download: Dam-Funk f. MC Eiht, "Hood Pass In Tact"


Dam-Funk f. MC Eiht, "Hood Pass Intact" MP3