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DJ Lilman & Ms. Porsh, "Sexy Walk" MP3


It's been a little while since we parsed the subtle differences between Baltimore club, Philly club and Jersey club musics, though all three cities build their bass into a warpspeed structure designed to break booties. On "Sexy Walk," a top Jersey club track from two of the scene's youngest stars in the making—22-year-old DJ Lilman and our favorite Houstonlantavegas girl Ms. Porsh—the rhythm's more minimal, letting the focus lie on Porsh's awesomely sassy, dance-commanding brags. The "Sexy Walk" is a proper, super-popular dance in Jerz—after the jump, check footage from Ms. Porsh performing it in a bananas assembly at Cicely Tyson in East Orange, New Jersey, proving that America's high schools are ground zero for dance culture in this country. We want a Ms. Porsh/Rye Rye collabo immediately. Jersey to Bmore to the world!

Download: DJ Lilman & Ms. Porsh, "Sexy Walk"

DJ Lilman & Ms. Porsh, "Sexy Walk" MP3