Nicki Minaj f. Rick Ross, “Your Love (RMX)” MP3


Woo!/ Baby girl that’s the ad-lib/ You gotta be a bad bitch to be the ad-lib. Can we put in our official request for Minaj and Rozay to start dating? They would understand each others’ true worth, relate to each others’ hustle, and Rawse would never try to oppress her martian speech or hair color impulses. NICKI ROZAY! Plus, if they got married, DJ Khaled could officiate—and that is a wedding we’d wanna go to.

Download: Nicki Minaj f. Rick Ross, “Your Love (RMX)”

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  1. WULU says:

    Upon first listen, I’m I the only one who thought miss minaj got Justin Bieber to the chorus…?

    They sound so alike here its scary

  2. nryn says:

    Biggie and Lil Kim?

    dare i?