Stream: Lady Saw f. Camar, "Muscle Control" MP3

Compared to rap, dancehall has yet to spawn other strong females that can romp with Lady Saw. Take Nicki Minaj for example, right now there's not really any other ladies in her league, so boxing out anyone else would be of the opposite sex, basically because there just isn't as much compeition with her kind of assets, ya dig?! That's basically Lady Saw's story over 15 years, making more guys get down and lay down because she is as raw as they could be.

Never mind how seasoned her female anatomy is from liberally peppering most of her rhymes with how good she is sexually, "Muscle Control" dares to touch on what guys would probably consider TMI. Even at Lady Saw's veteran status, she'll go there for her next album My Way, via her own label, Toasting Music. "Muscle Control" which appeared on this year's Best of Ragga Dancehall compilation, makes it onto the mix of 15 tracks from the release due September 7th.

Tracklist for My Way
1. "Every Way Mi Go"
2. "Your Chick"
3. "Bigga Than"
4. "He Is At My House" f. Eve
5. "My Way"
6. "Party Till December"
7. "Tighta"
8. "Cyaan Get Me"
9. "Crazy Love"
10. "My Money"
11. "Muscle Control" f. Camar
12. "5 Minutes"
13. "Facebook"
14. "I Can't Wait" f. Ding Dong
15. "I'm A Woman"

Stream: Lady Saw f. Camar, "Muscle Control" MP3