At the age of five, we were enrolled in a body-motion dance class, in which the instructor encouraged us to move as though we were not human but various elements of nature: a tree in the breeze, perhaps, or a purring little cat. While it was meant to encourage our capacities for make-believe and increase our body coordination, we remember always feeling a little awkward—as awkward as a five-year-old can feel—at having to mimic our teacher's always slightly patronizing directions. (Wait... are we interpolating the song "Nothing" from A Chorus Line as one of our actual memories? Creepy.) Fortunately, insecurity tends to dissipate with age, and the ladies in this video are moving gracefully and confidently as though Caribou himself is beaming rays of Vitamin D into their faces. Still, we would have liked our class way better, too, if 1990s house dancers rolled up midway through and taught us some ill choreography. (via Discobelle)

Video: Caribou, “Sun”