Bobby V f. Plies, "Phone #" MP3

It's rare that Bobby V channels the Gloved One, considering the Blue Kolla crooner is more known to do the bedrock shuffle, not MJ's early hotfoot disco. With Bobby's next album titled Fly On The Wall, he may be hinting at his subtle presence overseeing the bumping and grinding to his music—really the best way to do field research. But calling it On The Wall and he saying he was inspired by 2Pac's "What’z Ya Phone #?" which sounds like Pac was transplanted into a funky Blaxploitation flick, it's possible that this could be Bobby stepping outside his comfort zone of slow jams for the uptempo touch of Off The Wall. Or maybe he just wants to stunt by just saying he's fly and the reason why he's planted in that spot is because he's a wall flower, and those folks definitely don't dance.

Here's what Bobby V said according to his press release:

“Jazze’s phone went off and it was that 2Pac song, ‘What’z Ya Phone #?' from the All Eyez On Me album Jazze [Pha] was doing a beat and that was the first thing that came to my mind…‘What’s your phone number?’ That’s how the first line came about.”

Bobby V. feat. Plies - Phone # by ThinkTank Digital

Bobby V f. Plies, "Phone #" MP3