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Stream: Usher f. Jay-Z and Ester Dean, "Hot Toddy" MP3


Many giggles were shared this morning in the Suite when we saw the name of this song. Apparently Usher has been chilling with some grandmothers from Eastern Europe. It would be kinda ill though if you could order a hot toddy at the bodega but we're pretty sure thats not poppin' in ATL or Marcy. It doesn't even matter though because we can almost guarantee this will bump in the clubs. Jay's verse on this is beast for lack of better words. Hot toddy, her papi like cognac/Her mama like herb tea, we burnt a couple of sacks/and as the tea steeped I creeped all in her teepee/we did it indian style had the girl speaking. We're gonna stop here before we go full STAN. Jay just throws away amazing verses on other people's jams. Can we just make a compilation of his best features? Sadly, most people will take his Illuminati reference seriously but we over here are taking his FIVE PERCENTER reference seriously. Peace to the god.

[Nah Right]

Stream: Usher f. Jay-Z and Ester Dean, "Hot Toddy" MP3