We Would Like To Go On Tour With Robin Pecknold, Please.


There aren’t enough tour documentaries these days. Actually, let’s rephrase that—there aren’t enough good tour documentaries these days. A breath of fresh air appeared on Fleet Foxes’ website earlier today, though, that made us want to rethink the nature of the tour doc and also join Robin Pecknold on his tour opening for Joanna Newsom. Robin’s brother, Sean Pecknold, put together 14 minutes of black and white concert footage and behind the scenes shenanigans that make us want to leave the lives we’re living and go on the road with Robin, Joanna, Sean, and whoever else will sing us softly to sleep each night. The featured cover of “Silver Dagger” is absolutely stunning, and the idle footage of Joanna Newsom throwing a football is nothing but endearing. Man, the Pecknold parents must be very proud!

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