Sheek Louch is the Undying Light of Yonkers, New York


Yes! Feel it! One minute and 38 seconds of unadulterated Louchness. This shit is amazing. And the horn loop on Sean C & LV’s beat sounds like a dog fart. Perfection. Dude should make an album of nothing but stuff like this. Stay tuned for Sheek’s Donny Def Jam mixtape with Green Lantern coming soon, maybe it will be that.

Download: Sheek Louch, “Jungle Music” (prod by Sean C & LV)

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  1. Kirby P says:

    Dude, you know this “Sean C & LV” beat is a Jungle Brothers classic, right? Hence the title of the song. Sorry, I’m just being bitchy.

  2. Peter Macia says:

    Unfortunately I am old enough to have bought Straight Out The Jungle on cd in one of those long boxes that made no sense. This is also called “Jungle Brother” on a couple blogs I think. It’s okay to be bitchy, though they did redo the drums, which is about as produced as it can be.