The Let Out: DJ Sega


DJ Sega, Mad Decent Records prodigy and purveyor of the Philly club sound, is a beast. Whether producing or DJing, he can mix any weird track on earth into a jam that annihilates the dancefloor without a second thought. We once saw him mix like, Mudvayne into a club beat and kill the Bowery Ballroom—we felt a little weird about dancing to it, but it also made perfect sense. That special kinda genius is why we put him on our cover with his Mad Decent brethren, and it’s why really looking forward to tonight when he guest DJs on The Let Out, the FADER’s weekly show on East Village Radio. We fully expect him to like, flip some Brad Paisley or turn Taylor Swift into an unlikely house diva. Magic is just what he does. If you’re in New York tonight, go see him later at The Cove (flyer after the jump), and if you’re anywhere in the tri-State area, you absolutely MUST attend the Philly Mad Decent Block Party tomorrow. Listen live to the Let Out from 6-8 PM EST, this and every Friday on East Village Radio.

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  1. Sir Indie says:

    So angry I missed this…Mudvayne?? I would have loved to hear this guy mix.
    Everyone uses “DJ” so loosely nowadays, I don’t even blink. Even If you have part of a setup, you’re considered a DJ…it’s sickening.

    REAL DJ’s have the talent and ability to combine one of more “creations” to create one of their own (and make it sound flawless and amazing to a GROUP of individuals, not a group of friends)….

    …sorry, I’m ranting…

    Will be looking for Sega in the future. =)