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Yelawolf f. Gucci Mane, "Wanna Party" MP3


As far as we can tell, partying with Gucci Mane means a couple things. Either we party with him and it gets gnarly and we end up in jail, or his concept of partying is actually just recording 90 mixtapes in a single night while others take a nap in the studio. Both options are not necessarily our ideal evening, but the song sold us anyway. Also notable: Yelawolf shouting out a million rappers/movements we're into, Gucci making the word metropolis sound even more awesome than it already is just by saying it, and also two dudes at the top of their game rapping really well.

Download: Yelawolf f. Gucci Mane, "Wanna Party" (via Traps n Trunks)

Yelawolf f. Gucci Mane, "Wanna Party" MP3