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Stream: FLIGHT, "Johnny's Mixed Up" (Screwed Version)

When we heard this screwed down FLIGHT song in the middle of an Actual Pain mix we went on some abstract thing about how it sounded like Swamp Thing pounding on a guitar. Now that we've spent more time with the song on its own, we'd just like to say we still think that. However, describing it that way is weird and also does it a slight disservice, because it implies that the song is borderline unlistenable when it's actually a cool twist on an already good song. Normally we'd be skeptical of rock dudes appropriating particularly hard-to-pull-off-well elements of rap, but turning the original into a super fucked up, syrupy slow anthem actually works. Bathetic has an entire tape of this stuff out there just waiting for your seven bucks.

Stream: FLIGHT, "Johnny's Mixed Up" (Screwed Version)