Video: Theophilus London, "Hey Wonderful"

Having travelled the world, Theophilus London found the right home for his retro aesthetics: vinyl, 35mm film and his uniform wears of sports team snap caps. Guess again, it's not in his regular surroundings of Brooklyn. Theophilus took to Amsterdam and Brussels for places that could be mistaken for New York before it was a tourist trap. In Europe he found locations that hadn't lost their charm, good enough to be a time capsule of 1984 when Stevie Wonder keyboarded paradise on the song's sample of "Love Light In Flight."

"Disco might be dead, but there’s a whole new incarnation of it in Jiscomusic. The Scottish producer behind this re-tooled version of Stevie Wonder’s “Love Light In Flight” is responsible for one of the most progressive sounds overseas. His style reforms classic R&B/soul records into a mid-tempo funk. The thing is, jiscomusic is all about the climax, just like it’s disco predecessor. Instead, the Revenge keeps the instrumental on a low simmer until it’s time to uncover a steaming pot of vocals. Wait for it…wait for it."


Ed. Note: The European rediscovery of Stevie Wonder's single fromThe Woman In Red can be purchased on vinyl here.

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Video: Theophilus London, "Hey Wonderful"