Mumdance Presents: Cerebral Ballzy – The Griptape (Hosted by Beavis & Butthead)


If you like to break shit and annoy people, Mumdance‘s new mixtape with Brooklyn ruffnecks Cerebral Ballzy is your theme music. Along with a couple rippers from the latter and a couple remixes from the former, you have all the icons of teen angst—Circle Jerks, Jay Reatard, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Dead Boys, Black Flag—and the timeless idiocy of Beavis & Butthead. We are going to play this in the background during every phone call to people we don’t like for the next week, because that’s about as punk as it gets around here during business hours. But feel free to get nuts. And if you’re in the UK, check for Cerebral Ballzy on a mini-tour starting tonight, August 4th, in Leeds.

Download: Mumdance Presents: Cerebral Ballzy – The Griptape (hosted by Beavis & Butthead)

01. – Cerebral Ballzy – SK8 All Day (Mumdance Remix)
02. – Jay Reatard – Death Is Forming
03. – Circle Jerks – Wild In The Streets
04. – Cerebral Ballzy – Insufficient Fare
05. – Minor Threat – Seeing Red
06. – Bad Brains – Sailin’ On
07. – Cerebral Ballzy – Don’t Tell Me What To Do
08. – Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer
09. – Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown
10. – Cerebral Ballzy – Anthem (Mumdance Guarachero Remix)

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  1. brentabousko says:

    woo hoo!

  2. CCdodd says:

    wowzers, sounds amazing sofar. thanks fader.