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Stream: Trey Songz, "Can't Be Friends"


We have opted to stay out of the Trey Songz vs R. Kelly debate simply because we consider ourselves good judges of R&B trends. The favor can go in either direction, Songz or Kells, any way at any time. Especially when you are dealing with one crafty man such as Kells. The R has been an OG for almost as long as Trey Songz has been alive. We cannot allow disrespect. Nevertheless, we can also appreciate when a young dude comes up and shows the potential to outlast his competition. He proves it here with a deep ballad minus any of that take-yo-girl-panty-dropping foolishness. In fact, he sounds very much like he is emulating paying homage to the exact kind of R&B that probably made him wanna be Mr. Yuuuuup. We like the show of maturity from his next album, Passion, Pain & Pleasure and well, we really like a good ole ballad. Good work Trigga.

Stream: Trey Songz, "Can't Be Friends"