Live: Dom, “Burn Bridges”

We’ve loved Worcester’s Dom ever since we got a random email from them with an mp3 and not much information, so it’s been awesome to see their rise from “dude who we thought lived in a yurt” to super-in-demand full band that can pack New York venues. When we invited them to play FADER Bowl at the cavernous Brooklyn Bowl, we were so psyched at how their sound filled the space—”Burn Bridges” sounds like a pop transmission from space, with Dom singing like he’s The Little Prince and we’re all the beauteous roses he tends to. Plus, we dug his outfit, bring back the oversized football jersey for dudes! They’ll be playing a free show on Governor’s Island with Nite Jewel and Prefuse 73 on Saturday, August 14th, so don’t miss it.

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  1. Sir Indie says:

    “Burn Bridges” video..

    This song gives me an ’80′s feel…somewhat “new sound”. It’s not a bad song, pretty cool actually, but just couldn’t tell how often I’d listen to it.

    Perhaps the LIVE aspect isn’t giving it justice because the sound is escaping due to them playing in a large venue (however, I believe the live experience is the most important aspect of an artist’s career).

    I’m not sold on them from this one song/video, but perhaps if I had more to listen to, or attended one of their concerts..


  2. Chase Fein says:

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