Premiere: Jamaica, “Short & Entertaining (Mixhell Remix)” MP3

For the recent Francophiles out there, Jamaica is the band that sounds like Phoenix on and is produced by Xavier de Rosnay of Justice and used to be Poney Poney who once made a song named “Cross the Fader” that shows up in our google alerts almost every day even though it came out almost two years ago. That indicates some kind of hitmaking ability between Jamaica’s Antoine Hilaire
and Flo Lyonnet, which is further bolstered by the original version of their new EP title song “Short & Entertaining,” the new Rozan & Schmeltz video for which you can watch above. This song has grown on us a lot lately and it might be because Igor Cavalera of Sepultura is slamming the drums in said video. Something about our youth will not allow us to dislike that. Cavalera, in turn, joined his wife Laima under their infamous Mixhell rubric for a brand new remix of the song that sounds little like the original but is equally jamming. You’ll be able to get it along with other remixes by Paul Devro, Das Glow and Goose on the Short & Entertaining EP out August 16th on Cooperative Music. Until then, feel free to ironically or sincerely bang your head to this.

Download: Jamaica, “Short & Entertaining (Mixhell Remix)”

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  1. Urban Fabric says:

    A slamming mix from MIXHELL. Hey thanks!


  2. I was scanning something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your perspective on it is diametrically contradicted to what I read before. I am still reflecting over the diverse points of view, but I’m leaning heavily toward yours. And irrespective, that’s what is so superb about advanced democracy and the marketplace of ideas online.