The Morning After: Trey Songz, "Already Taken" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


Check in with us daily to see Suite903 artists take over TV. Today we’re watching Trey Songz perform “Already Taken” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Trigga’s song from the movie about dancing the jig hit Fallon this week. As serious as Trey is about swatting off groupies on “Already Taken” you have to take his honesty about hitting the strip club all in jest. After all, he’s the show’s closer, following Adam McKay, writer/director of The Other Guys. Did anyone drop a bug in McKay’s ear that Trey is reading scripts to break into Hollywood? Imagine a Will Ferrell flick á la Semi-Pro with Trey giving tips to Will about the joys of table dances with wifey by his side. Classic.

*See the performance at the 37:30 mark, after the Dunder Mifflin ad.

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