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Video: Janelle Monae, "Cold War"


We've written many times about why we believe in Janelle Monáe but we think we'd rather show you. Her new video strips her down to the barest emotions as she sings "Cold War" directly into the camera. Are we moved to tears? Yes and so is she. We've questioned a lot of the crying we've seen this summer but Janelle puts a lot of soul behind every note. We're quite cynical and sometimes we forget musicians draw from real experiences and whatever it is that hurts her heart is probably an emotion we can all relate to. We'd like to think of this video as an aesthetically acoustic version but while you're crying your eyes out think of this: Janelle might have Nicki Minaj-like expressions. It is just a pretty woman thing?

[Janelle Monáe]

Video: Janelle Monae, "Cold War"