Listen: Heavy Cream, "Meow Meow"

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One time when we were in Philadelphia we walked into this shitty bar in which, unbeknownst to us, a Sonics coverband was headlining a show. It could’ve been really cheesy, one of those nostalgia acts, but it was actually just the opposite. There’s something about 30 Rockabillys drinking Bourbon and dancing to a note-for-note replay of “Strychnine” that is really life-affiriming, that actually gives us faith. We feel almost exactly the same way about Heavy Cream, a Nashville band treading waters that have already been swam in but one that does it so well and with enough spin to the sound that it reminds you exactly why music rules in the first place.

Heavy Cream, "Meow Meow"

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Listen: Heavy Cream, "Meow Meow"