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Stream: Oneohtrix Point Never f. Antony, "Returnal"


Seeing Dan Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never is like realizing that the mega-stoner bro you spent all summer tubing with actually writes epic poems on the low. Except in this case, replace poems with extended textural ambient jams that have enough depth that even the staunchest anti-drone music fans can get down. Now he's collaborated with Antony in a move that's basically a reminder that OH YEAH, this dude might wear a dirty ass hat when he's hunched over all his equipment, but he's also very much in the high-art, weird music world. Cannily replacing his signature drone with stark piano for Antony to quiver and moan over. This remix comes from the upcoming "Returnal" 7-inch, which also features a remix from Fennesz and comes out August 31st on Editions Mego.

Stream: Oneohtrix Point Never f. Antony, "Returnal" (via Pitchfork)

Stream: Oneohtrix Point Never f. Antony, "Returnal"