Download: My M.O., Monkey Remix EP

The ladies of My M.O. are celebrating the release of their remix album tonight with a screening of their video at the event in the East Village. If there's anything that should be consistent about what's in store, is the bender of free drinks to get the monkey off your back. Seeing the kind of parties they throw, My M.O.'s got a reputation to live up to, minus the threesomes of course.

Tracklist for Monkey Remix EP

1. Monkey (Original Mix)
2. Monkey (HNH Remix)
3. Monkey (Doctrations Remix)
4. Monkey (RVRSplay Remix)
5. Around the World
6. Lets Go Back
*7. Modus Operandi (available on limited edition CD)

Click here to download the Monkey Remix EP on iTunes.

Download: My M.O., Monkey Remix EP