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Jay Dee, "Rico Suave Bossa Nova" MP3


On October 11th, BBE Records maps the journey through the maze of Gilles Peterson's 10 years of breaking new music on BBC Radio 1. The living legend has developed more than just a multi-culti playlist, he's truly DJ's DJ. As we've seen recently through his Havana Cultura album, Peterson has demonstrated how important it is not to just break a record he found digging in a record shop or online, but to go directly to the source of the budding rhythm to get the authentic experience hearing it first hand. That's how you gain longevity. There's probably a sweet anecdote in all his discoveries leading up to the pinnacle moments when he premiered a record on his globally syndicated radio show. Imagine this this bossa nova cut from J Dilla's Beat Generation: Welcome 2 Detroit album as part of Peterson's history.

Download: Jay Dee, "Rico Suave Bossa Nova"

Jay Dee, "Rico Suave Bossa Nova" MP3