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Video: Invincible + Waajeed, "Detroit Summer" / "Emergence"


Unless you live under the Rock of Gilbraltar you should be aware that Detroit has been hit harder by the recession that almost any other city in the USA. While residents describe it as something like a ghost town, the music scene in the city is still burning brightly in a fight for the survival of the birthplace of such classic American tradition. Invincible + Waajeed are yet another talented pair reminding us that Detroit is not dead and there are still real people living real lives, full of hope in a city all but forgotten. Invincible speaks to the strong spirit of the people of her fair city and points their eyes toward the future. Here's to the emergence of better days.

[vimeo width="570" height="489"][/vimeo]

Video: Invincible + Waajeed, "Detroit Summer" / "Emergence"