The Morning After: Christian Scott, "Angola LA & The 13th Amendment" on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Check in with us daily to see Suite903 artists take over TV. Today we’re watching Christian Scott perform “Angola LA & The 13th Amendment” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

When jazz is in the mainstream, at least for the time being of a few minutes or hours, the world is definitely on tilt. Going into the underworld where one of the last original art forms has laid comatose for decades, an anomaly named Christian Scott awaits to bring forward the long standing tradition of trumpeting by greats like Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis. Even his horn (named Katrina) sings to his new age sensibility because of it’s custom design made by Edwards Instruments. Having it shaped on an angle allows him to see the audience in sheer amazement at the rare moment of seeing his solo performance worthy of it’s own Spike Lee Joint.

[Soul Culture UK]

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  1. Christian Scott is actually the homie. I used to work with his girlfriend who put me up on him and how he’s heralded overseas and under acknowledged at home. Sounds like any good American artist these days! Props for shedding light on someone deserving.