Download: The Budos Band III Album

Shaolin's finest non-rap collective dropped their third self-titled release this week. The titles of tracks like "Nature's Wrath," "Black Venom" and "Golden Dunes" weirdly allude to psychedelic times in nature. Something is in the water of their funky African tone and if you're not careful, can incite contagious behavior—the shakes, rattles and rolling on the floor (laughing, depending on your poison).

Tracklist for The Budos Band III

1. Rite of the Ancients
2. Black Venom
3. River Serpentine
4. Unbroken, Unshaven
5. Nature's Wrath
6. Golden Dunes
7. Budos Dirge
8. Raja Haje
9. Crimson Skies
10. Mark of the Unnamed
11. Reppirt Yad

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Download: The Budos Band III Album