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Video: Lyfe Jennings, "If Tomorrow Never Comes"


We're going to keep it super real here and say we don't really get this different look on Lyfe. Yes, we understand he's apologizing for everything he's done but we're pretty sure victims of the terrorist kidnapping don't really have time to say sorry for the TV they broke back in '93. In general we just don't really get war videos because its not something anyone who hasn't gone through it can relate to. Not to mention the fright of being captured seems to have sent such shockwaves thru Lyfe's body that his face registers the early stages of mudbutt. Hopefully all these ailments will be cured by the time Lyfe's I Still Believe drops on August 31st. If not, then we really really suggest going to see a doctor.


Video: Lyfe Jennings, "If Tomorrow Never Comes"