Here's The One Pearl Jam-Related Item We Couldn't Post Earlier

Back in June, part of the Tripwire staff was roaming the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, fumbling around with a camera whilst shooting this. That particular member of the staff has also been known to dutifully cover and share every bit of Pearl Jam-related news or non-news that comes down any pipeline, a job he couldn’t manage when “Better Days”, the Eddie Vedder-penned song for the Eat, Prey, Love OST hit the Internet like it was owed a large stack of cash two months ago. So now that the movie is finally out, this week seemed as good a time as any to post it in legal form. Above, for your viewing and listening pleasure, is the sound of Mr. Vedder’s baritone set to the sight of Julia Roberts diving headlong into personal discovery, many miles away from where she started. It’s not as haunting as Vedder’s collaboration with Nusret Fateh Ali Khan for the Dead Man Walking OST, but it’s stirring nonetheless. Also, James Franco.

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