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Justin Bieber Might Actually Be Quite Special

photographer Gabriele Revere, TIME

On the heels of the recent Nike7up appropriation of Justin Bieber to pretty incredible effect comes this fellow experimentation with the swoophaired devil child's newest single, "U Smile." While the former sliced the little fellow into spacey Southern weirdness, the Tampa, Florida artist known as Shamantis drops him into a black hole, slowing the process down by 800% with fairly dramatic results. Kind of sounds like Boards of Canada. Sorry, Boards of Canada fans! All of which of course should make people reconsider Bieber as an artist, which Gawker did in their typical, Oh you hate Bieber? You stupid dick style, but actually, Justin Bieber's music still isn't good. So maybe just enjoy this for what it is. Compare with Bieber's original after the jump.

J. BIEBZ - U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

Justin Bieber Might Actually Be Quite Special