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Stream: The Count & Sinden's Massive New Album


Last year British beat superstars The Count & Sinden had clubs worldwide screaming "MEGA! MEGA! MEGA!" in a robot voice like we were all about to storm Castle Greyskull, so it's appropriate they named their LP after their mondo club warchant. There are worse mission statements for an album aspiring to such massive heights as Mega Mega Mega, which Fact Mag debuted in advance of its release next week. Suffice to say it's a stomper, the title track sitting as the voracious centerpiece on an album with many peaks and genres—the dudes dabble not just in garage, funky and grime but also try their hand at cumbia, Bmore club, even dream-pop (and winning, we might add), all through a very specifically London lens. Plus, we finally get to fulfill our wish of hearing 77Klash screaming his face off!

The Count & Sinden - Mega Mega Mega by DominoRecordCo

Stream: The Count & Sinden's Massive New Album