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Glasser, "Home" MP3

We're just going to go ahead and quote straight from our cover story on Cameron Mesirow's Glasser about her upcoming, great debut album Ring: A fairly gigantic undertaking, Ring blends Mesirow's considerable talents as a singer with her penchant for broad, odd and beautiful instrumentation ... Though fully strange, Ring is undeniably a pop record, Mesirow's gorgeous and supple voice often doubled, ooh-ing underneath subtle, interlocking harmonies." "Home," Ring's first single is a supple song, much xylophone (maybe?), uneven handclaps, deep strings and a layercake of singing. "Home" is a logical, step by step song, but shifts so easy that it's sneaky. Mesirow's big on dreams and "Home" is a solid reflection of that, its structure totally solid until you begin to investigate the nooks and find they've escaped fluid, replaced by an entirely new moment. But you never noticed! You were too stuck in the moment and that time spent listening didn't really exist. That's a gift.

Download: Glasser, "Home"

Glasser, "Home" MP3