Two-Woman Vigilante Squad Beat Up Cheerleaders, Take Their Beats


Unkind listeners may take the final cheers of Super Wild Horses‘ “Carolina” (“I’ve got nothing but bad advice”) and ask: was that bad advice to record your subterranean punk on garageband with drum loops? But not us, readers, not us. We hear them sing, “I know what you’ve been playing,” and we say yes. Yes, we know. We know and we respect your slithery, garage take on Toni Basil’s cheers. We know and we indulge in your wind-up drum break downs. We have duly flagged your resolve to Ramones-style, three-minutes-or-less song writing. And most of all we have imagined ourselves at your rehearsals in smoky, airless basements drinking whiskey and listening to the Go-Go’s on vinyl, on repeat. And the naysayers, at least, can never take that from us. [also via MBV]

Super Wild Horses, “Carolina”

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POSTED August 19, 2010 3:12PM IN THE TRIPWIRE




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