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Best Coast's Mixtape for the Independent


Bethany Cosentino's pop-punk penchant and general beachy California vibes are not secret, and this mixtape she made for the British paper The Independent is like a little people-mover into the melodic molecules of her mind. Case in point—in her liner notes, describing the Bread classic "Baby, I'ma Want You," she writes, "Bread rules, man. Smooth '70s jams are where it’s at. This song is really beautiful, and I think the lyrics are super cheesy and sweet, and I’m into cheesy, sweet shit, haha." No doubts here. Now can we all chillax and blaze? That Steely Dan jam got us feeling stony. Head over here for the liner notes and tracklist.

(via Stereogum)

Best Coast's Mixtape for the Independent