Video: Bjork, “Moomins & the Comet Chase”


If Bjork’s new video is to be believed, the Finnish children’s cartoon “Moomins & the Comet Chase” is about the impending doom of all life after a wayward fireball scorches the earth. We’ve seen another movie about that exact thing, it’s called Knowing starring Nicholas Cage. It was PG-13! Bjork’s soundtrack, while beautiful and typically Bjork in that whole “I just sprung from a glacier in the earth” way, kinda makes the animation doubly scary, or maybe we just have some visceral reaction to the sound of dissonant recorders juxtaposed with a pack of adorable animals hiding in a cave from the apocalypse. And yet—further investigation reveals the Moomins are incredibly adorable! Bjork you are so dastardly! The song is out on iTunes tomorrow, and all proceeds go to UNICEF Pakistan’s Children’s Charities, so grab it no matter what. Watch now over on Bjork’s website. (via P4K)

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