In the Shop: Kanye West by Jonathan Mannion


Since the official launch of the friendly new FADER Shop, the limited edition prints we’re offering from longtime FADER photographer Jonathan Mannion have been flying off the shelves. And with good reason: Mannion has captured some of the most iconic photos in hip-hop, and the ones we’re offering are some of his best. All outtakes from previous FADER cover shoots, including Kanye‘s first-ever magazine cover (Issue 20), not to mention milestone images of Drake, Eminem, OutKast, Neptunes, Mos Def, Conor Oberst and Beck and D’Angelo, they’re printed on archival fiber paper and cost less than a Saturday night on the town in Manhattan. So get to stepping: these are just a few of the specially curated selections in our all-new FADER Shop, with the help of ZYNC from American ExpressSM.

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