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Open Bar With Memory House

Says Wikipedia, Memory House's hometown of Guelph, Ontario, has "low crime rates, clean environment and a generally high standard of living," all of which contribute to its status as "one of the country's most livable cities." We're not staunch advocates of the theory that your environment makes your sound, but Memory House certainly have a kind, dreamy, sparkling quality that seem to come from a calm pool inside their minds. So when they dropped by to play "Sleep Patterns" at Open Bar—this time at Heathers' sister bar, Veronicas—we were compelled to light some incense, dim the lights (figuratively speaking) and let our eyes lower to half-mast, letting the idea of Guelph air seep through the Brooklyn grit. Then an MTA Officer showed up and we were jarred back to reality. But for a minute, Memory House helped us feel kind of wholesome.

Open Bar With Memory House