Stream: Roska & Untold, “Myth” and “Long Range”


The Numbers label is the result of a merger between future-thinking dance imprints Dress 2 Sweat, Stuffrecords and Wireblock, so it’s not surprising that they’ve released many a face-melting single in less than a year. However, this collaboration between UK funky godhead Roska and devilish subs fiend Untold has got to be some kind of milestone. The A-side, “Myth,” is practically unholy in its union of Roska’s signature syncopated heartbeats and Untold’s netherworldly bass melodies, while “Long Range” is more of a straightforward house track run through with… Untold’s netherwordly bass melodies. As Numbers note on their website, these tracks “represent the exact sonic crossroads” between the two, and anyone who’s spent a little time with both knows that is a spot-on statement—this is a true partnership. Pre-order it at Numbers’ website, it’s released on September 27. New York City, that is three days after Untold plays Turrbotax at the Cove (aiyeeee!).

Stream: Roska & Untold, “Myth” and “Long Range”

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