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Stream: The Very Best, "Nsokoto (Renaissance Man Remix)"


Finland's finest, Renaissance Man, meets, yeah, some guys from different parts of the world who make pop. Peace out America, we're going to live inside whatever continent is producing shit this weirdly awesome. Which is like 4/5ths and a half a fifth Europe. As always. Frowny face for all you who want our US dance music to bump like this! Save us, Jeff Mills! Oh wait, you live in Berlin now. Traitor! Oh well, at least we have Young Dro. Take that, Giggs! JK, we love Giggs. Anyway, back to the point. "Nsokoto" is a little percussion heavy track from The Very Best's debut album, The Warm Heart of Africa, which Renaissance Man basically chop up until about three and a half minutes deep when they echo it out, put some clipped drums on there and then loop you into ping pong synth drum heaven. Ok, forget Europe, we are going to live on a cloud where they play the last three minutes of this jam on infinite repeat. Is someone from like Sephora or something reading this? You could sell so much lipstick with this track over the PA. Way to make a girl feel pretty. You know what we mean. Right?

The Very Best - Nsokoto (Renaissance Man Remix) by Renaissance Man

Stream: The Very Best, "Nsokoto (Renaissance Man Remix)"