Video: Cam’ron’s Dirty Dedication to Lil Wayne

Killa Cam‘s “Fuck These Bitches” video: a red cup-boozing, UN party in the strip club, all devoted to dearly beloved Lil Wayne. If Weezy’s dial-up can access WorldStar in Riker’s, he’ll be privy to more ass we’ve seen since BET canceled Uncut—the honored guest at a party held in a suburban driveway (ha ha) and attended by professional beer pongers Vado, Jim Jones and Waka Flocka. However, the song is all about how all Cam does is bone (and, apparently, grind pon freakishly curvaceous model Peeblez). Which might make Wayne, barren til Thanksgiving time, a little sad. :(

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  1. Sordid Puppy says:

    WAIT — I believed the beer pong bit. Damn my credulity. This means Cam and Jimmy are BFFs again, and this time it really IS forever, right?


  2. Lee says:

    Damn! This song is getting play and a video. This was instantly my favorite track on Boss of all Bosses 2.5.