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The Tripwire: No Age's "Life Prowler" Trailer

Starting this week, The Tripwire is going to be gathering its personal belongings and moving to a new, much more plush web address: Kinda awesome, right? The TW content and commentary you've come to love, hate and possibly lust after will be living there from now on, a transition that starts today and will be complete by the end of the week. To check out the rest of this post, head here. A taste you'll find below:

Remember all those half-lazy / half-right pieces last year about Brooklyn music having a banner year because Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors all put out really popular albums? It seems like we can't be far away from a slew of really similar write-ups about Smell bands. And rightfully so. But this isn't one of those pieces. This is different. This is now a commentary on other music commentary, not the bands themselves. So just act accordingly, we guess.

See you in the big leagues, everybody.

The Tripwire: No Age's "Life Prowler" Trailer