We Are Finding it Hard to Believe That Soulja Boy is Sick of Swag

That is like George Washington getting sick of freedom. But so Soulja Boy boldly claims with the title of his new song and video with Lil B, “Swag OD.” Or maybe we have watched too much Celebrity Rehab and a swag OD is a good thing. Not sure who needs the intervention in this situation, him or us. And just in case you are unclear who you are, Soulja Boy clears that up with the lyrics Damn I’m him/ Damn she’s her/ Damn we’re us. This is not quite touching “Cooking Dance” in terms of Soulja Boy and Lil B collaborations but it works.

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  1. learn more says:

    lol rap is funny!!

  2. Rachel Cohen says:

    This is pretty interesting! He is SICK of million dollar mansions? Women? Bling? Cars? That is why these rappers are so depraved: They grew up thinkin if they just had them some money – they’d be just FINE! And then they get them some money – and BAM they aint happy! And its a bitch bro!
    And hopefully they figure out how not to self-destruct with the knowledge that their dream was an empty one.