Amy Von Harrington’s Homemade Tarot Cards

We’ve grown accustomed to, if not addicted to, checking our horoscopes, sunscopes, numberscopes—anything that ends in scope, basically. But sometimes we just want a little more guidance—some practical advice explaining how we can harness our juju—that doesn’t come in the form of a two-sentence writeup in the back of the Daily News. That’s where the tarot comes in. Tarot offers a more hands-on approach to the telling of fortunes that is simultaneously complex and basic. Lucky for us hippies, Amy Von Harrington, whose Poortraits & Landscrapes show we covered last year (see video above), has a homemade deck of tarot cards available for purchase at Capricious Space. The cards are an intricate assortment of collages that conjure an image of what our future would be if our future held the promise of lots of butts, cats, pies, and children. Please say that it does? You can read an interview with Von Harrington here, and if you’re so inclined to learn the art of tarot reading, we highly suggest it. The only thing we don’t suggest is getting way too high and drawing the death card on your first try. (This actually happened.)

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  1. Tarot was made for card games, not for divination

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