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Nipsey Hussle, "Monster (Freestyle)" MP3


Nipsey Hussle's THE MARATHON (all caps): for every 1000 Twitter followers he gains, Nipsey will drop a new song to the internet. It is the 2010 update to rappers leaking a song every day for a month, or the slightly less iCal'd version of Kanye's weekly GOOD Fridays. Rap is viral people! Appropriately, this is Nips going au naturale on 'Ye's beat about how he reps Slauson Ave harder than anyone, kicked off by a charming-ass intro explaining what THE MARATHON is while puffing what is presumably a very large L. He sounds hungry, though, which is almost more important than your lyrics on a track originally recorded by several of the most important rappers of our time. You gotta eat the beat. Nipsey sounds like he's gnashing apart a mastodon leg.

Download: Nipsey Hussle, "Monster (Freestyle)"

Nipsey Hussle, "Monster (Freestyle)" MP3