Suite903: Step Into the Soul Den

Dear Year 2000 and all ten following years, thanks for not disappointing in the evolution of mankind. As expected, technology has become our Achilles heel, allowing us to multitask while performing small miracles, such as Photoshopping another man on the moon between toilet breaks of a Bad Girls Club marathon. But here's an even bigger miracle: Suite903, a new column on The FADER birthed from the newly upgraded (which now lives right here), and a virtual torchbearer for the eponymous, nearly decade-long mixtape series dedicated to all things soul, R&B and everything in between.

The Suite903 mix series is pooled together by an international clutch of DJs who define soul in the broadest terms. And I'm also a DJ, in every sense of the abbreviation of disc jockey. I can proudly match most of the mp3s on my library of hard drives with the vinyl that spawned their digital descendants—really, it's nothing if you ever treated yourself to daily trips of Fat Beats (R.I.P.) and Beat Street (R.I.P.). DJs have the Ironman of album collections—and Suite903 is the Ironman of the Ironman. So while I can't pedal bikes because they're "special" on the Lance Armstrong tip, allow me to be the Tony Starks of the wheels of steel (of this column). This space will consist of a podcast here, a weekly rant there, the occasional live show review on Twitter and an infinite amount of musings on the playboy lifestyle associated with DJs and soul culture. That godly persona (admit it) we assume is controlling every single tune—danceable or choreographed, depending on your body's agenda. Catering to matters of the heart and soul is the dressed-up foreplay of what we really came here for anyway: knocking boots (H-Town style), bumping uglies (Tracy Morgan style), superheroes/heroines versus the villains—love vs. hate vs. money (the American Dream), and all that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff. Check a few number one (with a bullet) hits from the archive, and see you next week.

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Suite903: Step Into the Soul Den