Video: Gucci Mane f. Swizz Beats, “Gucci Time”

Where to possibly start? The explosion, the proliferation of clocks, the Tara Reid-looking drunk chick, the helicopter with hooptie-esque neon runners? Oh no wait, how about the fact that Gucci is wearing a mink stole on his head. Swag splash: no longer for vegans. This video is the fulfillment of all that we ever dreamed for this dude, one more step towards his thorough transformation into a martian of epic proportions. 2010 is a beautiful year. For the remake, though, we demand the Jodorowsky-esque fulfillment of the line Gucci mad crazy/ I might pull up on a zebra.

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  1. Did they borrow this beat from Justice?

  2. Sir Indie says:

    I’ve never been a Gucci fan…figured I’ve give this one a try because of Swizz Beatz. And nope. I’d download the track alone, no verses or lyrics…Swizz can stay on there though.


  3. KidMr says:

    @Imelda Vergara Yeah not to mention I could’ve sworn Swizz used this beat before. And yeah, Gucci did nothing with it.

  4. Nick says:

    This is the laziest beat since “Born Free”

  5. Vlad says:

    haven’t seen so many clocks since juelz’s clockwork.