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Stream: Ramadanman, "Bass Drums"

We'd like to imagine the Soul Jazz headquarters as something like the ship on Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic, a brightly colored, idiosyncratic, hardworking team of discoverers. From dancehall to free jazz, to every undiscovered nook of disco, the UK label releases compilation after compilation, compendiums of every cool sliver of genre. Their newest release, Future Bass, is unique in that it is all original tracks commissioned from leaders of the ever evolving UK dance music scene. "Future bass" is a nicer, simpler label than others tossed around the music seeming melding and moving past dubstep and house, living in a peppy nebulous space somewhere near jungle, drum and bass, minimal techno and acid. Ramadanman, who himself strays often from the backbone of a single genre, contributes the aptly named "Bass Drums" to the compilation, a track which shifts regularly through its near five minutes. About a minute, 40 seconds deep with the little whisker snare and echo may be our favorite moment. It's a great track from a great compilation that truly is embodying an original scene of our time. Pick it up when it comes out September 20th.

Ramadanman - Bass Drums (Future Bass Exclusive) by Soul Jazz Records

Stream: Ramadanman, "Bass Drums"